pulse #1

Christ centered. Christ is our Lord and Savior and model for impactful ministry.

pulse #2

Grace lovers.  We have received much grace so our ministry will be saturated in grace.

pulse #3

God seekers.  Our hunger is for the presence of God in worship.

pulse #4

Prayer warriors. We have not because we ask not.  Prayer is our life source.

pulse #5

Soul winners.  We exist for people who are not yet apart of us.  Our growth is in going.

pULSE #6

Risk Takers. Failure is being paralyzed by fear.  Success is stepping out in faith.

pulse #7

Problem Solvers.  We believe in social justice and meeting human needs.

pulse #8

Givers not takers.  Generosity is the result of grace and essence of Christianity. 

pulse #9

Creative Innovators. God gave us a brain to create.  We want to use it for His glory and the saving of many lives.

pulse #10

People lovers.  We care about all people, young or old, male or female, of all cultures and ethnicities.

pulse #11

Seventh-Day Adventist. We believe in the soon return of Jesus and that we are a people positioned in the last days to spread that message to the world.

pulse #12

Authentic.  Our ministry should be real and genuine, not pretentious and fake.